Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 1

OMG!! I am finally going to blog about my Taiwan trip. Fyi, Robin and I went to Taiwan in March 2014. Oops~ I have been rather busy lately. Oh well. Will try to blog more often!

Yes, Robin and I took the midnight Scoot flight to Taiwan. We paid around SGD300 plus per person. I think that it was a good deal! I booked it during one of the sales. Do keep a look out for their promotions. The flight was around 4 hours plus. We reached Taiwan earlier than the estimated arrival time. I was pretty excited about the trip. I haven't been to Taiwan in ages! I think that the last time I went to Taiwan was probably in primary school. Can't even remember much about that trip.

Waiting to board the plane. Boy, it was crowded!

Tried to sleep on the flight but Robin kept accidentally hitting the "call for attendant" button. How annoying! Did not have a good rest. Was very tired. Furthermore, I even went to work on that day until 6pm. Then rushed home to have dinner and did my final packing before taking a cab to the airport.

Reached Taiwan at around 5am plus then saw this convenience shop after we passed the immigration. We bought our breakfast there. The staff there was so rude. Ok, don't let him spoil my mood.



A cup of coffee to perk me up. Too bad the coffee was not that nice.

Bought bus tickets from the Guo Guang ticket counter in the airport. If you are not sure where to buy the tickets, just follow the signs in the airport or ask around. Sure can find one.

We took the Guo Guang bus to Taipei Main Station. As it was raining and we have 2 huge luggages with us, we took a cab to our hotel in Ximending.

 Selfie in the cab.

We stayed in Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Branch in Taipei. It is located very near to exit 3 of Ximen MRT Station. Just a 5 min walk.

We reached the hotel at around 7am plus. It was too early to check in. So we left our luggages with the hotel staff and went to explore Taipei.

Bought the Metro Easy Card. It works like our EZ-link card.

In a very crowded train.

As most of the places were not opened then, we went to Xing Tian Gong to pray. It was quite a big temple. Actually, I felt blur there. Not sure how to pray. Tried to ask but.. Still unsure.

Went to have proper breakfast and nice coffee at this cafe. It is located near Xing Tian Gong. There's free wifi in the cafe. Haha.

I like my waffles!

After our breakfast (I felt like sleeping in the cafe), we went shopping.

Did not buy anything from Sogo. It is a nice place to shop though. But the things there are not cheap.

Headed back to Ximending after shopping in Sogo.

It was drizzling. Gee! Oh yeah, the weather was wet and cool. About 15-19 degrees celsius.



robin said...

Looking forward to our next holiday

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Okie, but quite lazy to plan.