Monday, August 11, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 6

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It's photo time!! I don't know how to pick which photos to include so I just include everything.

Guess where did we go that day?

 To the Taipei Zoo! Haha~ Can take the MRT there.

It was a rather cold day but it was not raining. Finally! Happy =)

Only TWD60 per adult ticket. Cheap!

By the way, don't go to the Taipei Zoo on a Monday. Robin and I went on a Monday and the Maokong Gondola was closed for maintenance. Anyway, for more information, please read here -

Panda. I have a special love for pandas. So cute!

Cute bowl =)

It is a nice place to sit down, have some food and drinks. I like the atmosphere and interior design but the food and drink I have tried are so-so.

Need to pay for the tram but it is really cheap. TWD5 only. By the way, they only accept exact change. Can pay by your Easy Card though. Just tap and go in!

I saw this little girl dressed in a panda costume. So cute!

Sleeping gorilla.

What were they doing?

Huge tortoise.

Looks like a lonely elephant.

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