Monday, August 11, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 4

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Woke up late on day 3. Went to Taipei 101. Just take the MRT to Taipei 101 Station. I love Taipei's MRT. Very convenient and can go to many places. It is clean too.


Bought a magnet there. Not cheap.

Juicy Couture. The prices of the things there are almost the same as in Singapore's Juicy Couture.

Wanted to go up to the observatory but the staff informed us that it was foggy and we might not be able to see much of the scenery. So.. we didn't buy the tickets. No point wasting money.

Wanted to have lunch cum dinner at Din Tai Fung. To try out the Din Tai Fung in Taipei. The service was good there. I like.

Long queue at Din Tai Fung. Saw many foreigners there.

Selfie while waiting for the food to arrive.

Our bill.

Xiao long bao.

Crab xiao long bao.

My favourite yam xiao long bao. As yummy as ever.

There were many chefs working diligently.

Saw this puppet in one of the shops in Taipei 101. So cute. 

Pretty cakes! My bf didn't buy my birthday cake from there. Why? *Sob* Boo!!

More bubble tea.

We wanted to catch a late night movie but look at the long queue for movie tickets. How to watch?!?! 

Beautiful Taipei 101 from outside.

Long queue for Krispy Kreme donuts. 

A cool shopping centre near Taipei 101. Saw a pair of ballet flats which I quite like. The brand is Vilma. Regretted not buying. I cannot remember the price now but it is not cheap. About SGD50 plus, I think.


I love coffee!

My purchases for that day. Forgot to include the magnet which I bought in Taipei 101. I like the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer. I use it as a sunblock. SPF35.

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robin said...

Enjoyable trip with you always
Looking forward to our next one coming up soon