Sunday, August 10, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 3

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Day 2 in Taiwan. It was a shopping day! Haha. I love it!


A more happening Ximending. It was afternoon time and many shops were opened.

Picked a random eatery for lunch in Ximending because we wanted to eat quickly and then shopped. 

I had 鸡排饭 (photo above) and Robin had beef (卤肉饭) probably. Forgot to take a photo of his plate of rice

2 plates of 小吃.

Ice lemon tea.

Now, guess where did we shop that day? It is a shopping paradise! I regretted not buying more stuff there now. Hm.. Oh well. Anyway, we went to the famous wholesale place, Wufenpu Commercial Zone. Just take the MRT to Houshanpi station and go out from exit 1. It is around a 5 minute walk. The signs are not really very clear (for me) after exiting the MRT station but you can always ask around. Taiwanese people are friendly and helpful in general =)

Rows and rows of shops. By the way, it was drizzling a little while I was shopping. Again. Sianz right?

Such a cute dog!

Forgot what this is called but it is good!

Okie, I was too busy shopping afterwards to take photos. One bad thing, you cannot try the clothes in most stalls and they don't really entertain bargaining. Boo.

Coffee after shopping. Needed to rest.

Walked over to Raohe Night Market after shopping. Passed by this donut store and bought 2 donuts on the way. Needed to ask around how to walk from Wufenpu to Raohe Night Market. It is around a 20 minute walk for us. Maybe because we got lost and asked around.

We are at Raohe Night Market finally!! It was still drizzling. Gee!

Our dinner. Not bad.

Just walked around Raohe for a short while. It was not convenient to walk around while it was drizzling even with our umbrella. Some stalls were also closed. Bought 姜母茶 (ginger tea) from one of the stalls there. 

We randomly took a bus to Taipei Main Station because we have no idea how to walk back to Houshanpi MRT station. Don't ask me what bus number because I really forgot. Just go and see from the bus stop. It's not difficult to figure out.

I love how empty the bus was. I think the journey took about half an hour from Raohe Night Market to Taipei Main Station.

More shops in Taipei Main Station underground. Haha. Yay!

The famous 诚品 bookstore which I kept hearing the Taiwan artistes talk about on Taiwan variety programmes. And nope, I did not see any artiste there.

The famous 新光三越 department store. It is a bit like Sogo.

So cute!

TThe MRT was packed.

Bought cup noodles for supper.

Bread from 新光三越.

My shopping loots:

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