Monday, August 11, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 5

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Stayed up late and woke up late almost everyday when we were in Taiwan. Too many interesting stuff to watch on TV. Robin and I wanted to try out the 吃到饱火锅. Saw one 火锅店 in Ximending so we went to try it. But it is not 吃到饱. It is just the normal hot pot.

 Not just TWD99. Think we spent much more there.

My 麻辣火锅.

Bubble tea again. Overdose of bubble tea in Taiwan.

Cool Starbucks.

Three storey KFC.

Robin and I went to 师大夜市 (Shida Night Market) in the evening. To go there, take the MRT to Taipower Building Station. Go out at exit 3. For more information, please check out here -師大夜市.

This looks like a nice restaurant. Decided to try this place out. Had western food there. But the staff kept serving us the wrong food and drinks =.= Because of that, we were not charged for one of the items. But still, the price is not so worth it. Think the meal cost more than TWD1,000.

Caught Robin playing with hp while waiting for the food to arrive.

Shida Night Market. I find that the night market is quite small.

Nice bun.

Good looking dog. Haha~

Saw this old uncle bbq-ing corn. Robin bought one from him. I took a bite. Really good.

My loots for the day. Bought lots of 凤梨酥 for people.

The hotel staff surprised me with two slices of birthday cake at night as it was my birthday the next day. How sweet of them. Love it!

Got a card some more.

Thank you!! 谢谢你们! Pardon my ugly yellow fingernail polish. Bought it from one of the shops in Shida and tried it. It is too watery. Threw it away afterwards. Wasted.

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