Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 2

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After Robin and I went back to Ximending, not all the shops were opened yet. Shopped around randomly first. Bought 2 pairs of shoes (photos way below). After shopping, we went to have lunch and drinks at Hanlin Tea Room in Ximending. For more information, please check out their website -

 My large cup of bubble tea. Not bad.

 I can't remember what Robin ordered. Probably ice lemon tea?

Our lunch. Didn't have much appetite. We were extremely tired and not in a good mood. WE JUST WANNA SLEEP!! Haha.

We went back to the hotel at around 2pm plus. Our hotel room was not ready yet, hence we cannot check in. We were told to wait. Therefore, we took the opportunity to explore around the hotel. There are free computers for you to use at the basement of the hotel. Free wifi in the hotel too. Even in the room. Yay!!

 Dining area at the basement.

 Washing machines are available for use. But we did not use them. Lazy. Haha. Anyway, who wanna do laundry on a holiday? We were also not there for many days.

 Coffee machine. If I remember correctly, there was no coffee available. Only hot water and milo.

 Finally got our hotel room cards at 3pm.

 Cute signs.

 Our room.

The toilet is rather spacious and clean. I don't like the transparent toilet door and wall. Luckily, there is a curtain outside.


Our room was a small one. There was barely any space on the floor for our luggages. Spotted some stains on the bedsheets which the hotel staff changed it for us promptly. I love their service. The hotel staff were always so courteous and helpfull. They even remembered my surname! Haha. Did not expect it.

We took a nap in our room before venturing out in the evening. Since it was already evening, we went to one of the popular night markets, Shilin. To go to Shilin Night Market, take the MRT to Jiantan station. After you alight from the train, just follow the signs. It is not difficult to find the place. It was drizzling. Luckily, we were able to borrow an umbrella from the hotel staff.

 It is not so fun to walk around and look at things in the rain =(

Food!! There is a section in Shilin Night Market where there are lots of food and drinks. Don't worry, that area is sheltered so no worries even if it rains.

 Live abalone. The guy will cook them for you on the spot.

 Sigh. It seemed rather cruel to the abalones.

Robin bought 5 abalones and said that they were very fresh. I don't dare to try any.

 Huge sausages!

 See who else ate from that stall before.

 I tried this and it is good.

 More bubble tea. I had so much bubble tea when I was in Taiwan. Robin bought aloe vera drink.

 Crispy chicken. Very nice!!

After our dinner, we continued to explore Shilin Night Market.

 Games for the kids.

Bought some fruits from this stall. Think we got cheated. Spent TWD500 on fruits. That is like around SGD21. Exorbitant!! 

The fruits we bought:


 I'm not sure what fruit this is but it is very nice and sweet. Think it is Taiwanese pear?

 Took a photo of our hotel building. It looks old and rundown from outside but the interior is ok.

 Watched Kang Xi Lai Le on TV. There are so many TV channels and programmes to watch. 

These are the Ping An cards which I got from Xing Tian Gong. For safety.

My loots for the day:


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time, even with the rain. Sorry the weather was bad! Everybody should try Shilin though, and like you said there is plenty of covered area of the Market Building even if the streets are too damp. But you can see lots of people still go there, and the games, glad you write about the games as well as the food! It's a great family outting I think. I write a website about shilin, try to explain to visitors more about it, just started but getting some ideas!

elderflowertea said...

@Raymond: Thanks for your comment. Yeah, it's a great place! =)