Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MH370 Flight

Hi everyone, I am back in Singapore! I don't want to be back so soon but no choice lah. Got to work. Oh well. Should have taken 1 more day leave. Feeling the blues now.

Anyway, I read about the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines, MH370 flight, when I was in Taiwan. Hm.. It is really very very mysterious. There are many speculations but I think there is no concrete answer yet as to what had happened to that flight with 239 people onboard. Seriously, I am no aviation expert and I have no idea what had happened or how that whole aeroplane could have just mysteriously disappeared. Like how the hell did that happen?!?! Haiz~ At one point, I was really scared and worried to take the aeroplane back to Singapore. Very scary leh.

Sigh. Really pity the people onboard as well as their families and friends who are still waiting anxiously for the latest news. Also pity the Malaysia Airlines staff who have to endure venting families. Oh well. Really hope that this mystery can be resolved soon.

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