Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bangkok Trip Part 5

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Before going to Bangkok, I have bought this deal voucher from for a half day tour to Maeklong Railway Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. If I remember correctly, it cost $26 per person. It is very worth it as both places are rather far from the Bangkok Central area. We took about 90 minutes by van to reach Maeklong Railway Market.

A driver from Eddy Tours came to pick us up at our hotel in a mini van early in the morning. Sorry, I can't remember the pick-up time but it was damn early. After that, we went to pick up a few more people around the area. I think there were around 12 people going there altogether. Can't really remember the exact number of people on the same half day tour now.

By the way, for those who are interested to learn more about Maeklong Railway, you may refer to this link - Or go and google about it!

I need my coffee early in the morning.

My outfit of the day. Waiting for the driver to come and pick us up.

In the mini van. It is pretty comfortable. But it is a bumpy road on the way there.

We have finally reached Maeklong Station!! 

Food stalls along the railway track.

It is a real wet market with many different things.

So many small live crabs.

Robin was feeling hungry (no time for breakfast) so we ate at one of the small eateries there. The meal was quite cheap. But I really cannot remember how much it cost now.

Robin's chicken rice.

My coke in a glass bottle.

My wanton noodle soup.

Passed by a clinic.

Robin bought a new t-shirt in one of the stalls.

Choo-choo~!! The train is coming! The station is really still in use.

The train will stop at this station for awhile before moving off. Many people were taking photos of the train. Haha~

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