Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bangkok Trip Part 6

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After exploring around the Maeklong Railway Market, the driver drove us to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which is a short drive away. There were so many other tourists there. I wonder if the local Thais still go to the floating market and buy things.

See the crowd of tourists there?

We were on a small boat! Is it called a sampan?

Bought a coconut from a seller on another boat.

They sell bananas too.

As we were feeling hungry, we decided to eat something at one of the small cafes there. The food there is not cheap. 

I think this is about SGD2.

I think this fried rice is about SGD5-6. It is a small plate but taste not bad!

Bought a new type of coffee to try. Not bad. Haha~

Robin wanted to buy this. 100 baht (if I remember correctly).

We returned back to our hotel at around 1pm and reached at around 2:30pm. Went to eat something at the McDonald's below our hotel.

Took a rest in our hotel room before heading out for dinner at Bangkok Chinatown. To go to Chinatown, we took the BTS to Saladaeng station before changing to take the MRT to Hualumpong. We walked for about 30 minutes from Hualumpong Station to Chinatown. Needed to search for the way. Anyway, just take the taxi or tuk tuk lah. It is much easier and quicker.

Tokens are used to take the MRT instead of cards. Cards are for taking the BTS.

On the MRT.

We have finally reached Chinatown after walking for about 30 minutes.

Decided to try the famous T&K Seafood place which is much raved about.

It was very crowded there. Luckily, we reached there early. There was a long queue at about 7pm plus so do try to go there earlier if you can.

This was what we have ordered!

Overall, I find that the food there is not bad but I also find that the place is really dirty. There was dirty water on the floor where we sat. Do go there and try for yourselves.

We took the tuk tuk back again as we were too lazy to walk all the way back to the MRT station. Sorry, I have forgotten how much we have paid for the tuk tuk journey back.

We were on the tuk tuk. Haha~

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