Sunday, March 23, 2014

Batam Again Part 1

I went to Batam again. Haha. Don't know why I keep going to Batam. Oh well. At least, this time I went to somewhere in Batam I haven't been before. Anyway, Robin bought this Batam trip deal thingy from Our ferry timing was damn early. If I remember correctly, it is around 8am. We took the ferry to Sekupang Ferry Terminal where we got on a coach to begin our day tour. It was pretty crowded at the ferry terminal. Needed to queue for so long to get through the immigration.

Our coach.

There was an option to go for a body massage but Robin and I didn't take that up. Don't really like to do body massage. For those of us who did not opt for the body massage, we went to the local 大伯公廟.

Our first stop was to 大伯公廟。

A small market opposite the temple.

After about 1 hour plus later, we went to fetch those people who had gone for the body massage. Then the tour guide brought us to a place to shop. I bought one of my company's Christmas exchange present  there (need to be unique mah) and Robin also bought his company's Christmas exchange present there.

We went for lunch at Golden Prawn after shopping.

Went to buy some tidbits before lunch.

Lunch! Got many other food but didn't take many photos as there were other people at our table.

Shopping again!

Bought a new watch! Haha.

We also went to visit the Chocolate House.

Bought kueh lapis. Nice!

After about 4pm, we were able to check-in to our hotel then it was free and easy. We stayed in The Hills which is just opposite Nagoya Hill. We chose The Hills hotel because I have stayed there before. See my previous review here -

Fried chicken.

Root beer float.

After having our dinner, we went to shop in the hypermart. 

Decided to watch a movie there.

The cinema seats were nice and comfortable =)

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