Friday, March 1, 2013

Review - Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza

Ramen Ten is located at Far East Plaza and is the first ramen restaurant in Singapore to be Halal certified. I like their Tomyam Seafood Ramen. Haha. I love Tomyam. There was a discount; 1 white plate of sushi only cost $0.99.

 The sushi conveyor belt is quite empty though.

See my Tomyam Seafood Ramen? So many ingredients!

Before Robin and I had dinner at Ramen Ten, we went shopping for Christmas gifts.
 I got Robin a Braun Buffel wallet from Isetan for our 3rd Anniversary and Christmas.

 Ted couple cups. So cute~!!

 We got these for Samuel and Verlene. I really love these cups. Got another set for ourselves!

 Presents for Diana.

A cup for Diana - we are both coffee lovers! Next time when Diana is attached, I will get her the couple cups =)

Toiletries from Sephora for Diana too.


Diana said...

love my gifts! thanks gal =)

elderflowertea said...

Welcome gal =)