Friday, March 15, 2013

Korea Trip Part 4

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Jeju Glass Castle is a large glass art theme park with glass arts produced by professional glass artists from Italy, the Czech Republic, and Japan. It was created as a project team consisting of glass specialists over several years. Each entertainment inside the theme park is a subject made with glass.

Jeju Glass Castle is divided into two sections: the indoor modern glass model centre and the outdoor theme park. Inside the modern glass model centre are a large beanstalk from the "Jack & The Beanstalk" fairy tale, a large glass harubang created with Pyrex glass, a Mirror Room that is like a fantasy universe using mirrors and presenting constellations using 5,000 pieces of Pyrex glass, a Magic Mirror Room where visitors can see separated images of themselves through mirrors in a triangle-shaped mirrored room, and glass books and bean sprouts made of glasses.

In the outdoor theme park are glass fish made from recycled soju (Korean liquor) bottles, thousands of many-sized convex mirrors, a mirror lake consisting of white rocks, a glass pyramid with spectacular colourful night lighting, a large glass coffee set floating on the lake, many coloured flower beds made of glasses, a mirror maze, a glass fall, and a glass bridge, all made into an outdoor theme park. Each one of them is beautiful and provides a wonderful photo spot for visitors.

The indoor part:

 Snake year. 

 Exquisite birds.

The outdoor part:
Cinderella's glass slippers. 

 Cinderella's pumpkin carriage made from glass.

I took this photo outside the souvenir shop at level 2. You can have a pretty good view of the outdoor exhibits here.

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