Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Korea Trip Part 8

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After Everland, we went to Yong Pyong Ski Resort to stay for the night so that we can go skiing the next morning. Yay!! My first time skiing! Yong Pyong is the site for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Before going to Yong Pyong, Michael took us to a rental shop to rent the skiing suit and goggles. Actually, I find that there's no need to rent the skiing suit and goggles. Waste money only. We can just wear our own winter clothing and do without the goggles. As we are just beginners, we only skied at the bottom of the slope so we don't really need the goggles. But no choice, Michael told us to rent so we already rented. That's one of the disadvantages of joining a tour group. The tour guide will/may find ways to earn your money.

Looking back, we didn't really buy anything in Korea but we have spent until we did not have enough money! Oops~ I also can't remember what we have spent all the money on.

 Yong Pyong Ski Resort.

 The ski slope. Photo taken at night.

 So cold!!

 Our hotel room. There's free wifi in the room.

Zi pai with my rented ski jacket.

Now, with my rented ski goggles on. Do I look cool? Haha.

 My tour mates getting food for breakfast.

 Winter Sonata shooting location in this cafe.

I think I look quite cute here. Haha.

Zi pai while waiting for my tour mates to get ready for skiing!


The ski slope. Photo taken in the morning.

We took the cable car from Dragon Plaza to the Dragon Peak on top. The ride took about 17 minutes. The view is simply breathtaking.

See the breathtaking view.

Saw some people skiing in the cable car.

At the Dragon Peak.

Fully equipped and ready to start skiing!

Learning how to ski.

I'm skiing! By the way, I fell down twice. Luckily, not very serious.

My Mum.

Michael is so correct. Skiing is really very tiring and will make one sweat. Won't feel cold while skiing.

Lunch. Felt so hungry after skiing.

After lunch, we went to Mount Seorak. It's a beautiful place =)

We only went to Mount Seorak for a short while. After that, we went to Hanwha Resort for hot spring. The rooms there are like apartment style. I love it!

Big and comfortable bed.

There's a cute telephone by the bedside table.

The kitchen.

There's a spare room. You can sleep on the floor. Haha. There's mattress, blanket and pillow provided.

The view from our room/apartment.

Did not take any photo at the hot spring place as I didn't bring my camera/handphone with me. Just go and google for some photos if you are interested. I find that the indoor hot spring area is a bit small. There's a water theme park and hot spring at the outdoor area but I only went outside for a short while as it was very cold outside!

We had seafood for dinner that night.

Crabs. I still prefer black pepper crabs!


The next morning's breakfast was pretty sumptuous.

Looks good.

After breakfast, we went shopping at Myeong-dong. I love to shop at Myeong-dong. It is a very nice area to shop. Wish that I had more time to shop there and the weather was not so cold. A lot of shops there were selling winter wear. I just bought Laneige products. Haha. How can you go to Korea without buying Laneige products?

Something nice to eat but I don't know what is this called.

This ball thing is very hard!

After shopping, we went to have Chinese food for dinner (pretty sick of Korean food). After dinner, we went to watch Jump! It's a comic martial arts performance. I was really tired out and fell asleep halfway through the performance.

 Seoul theatre. No photography is allowed when the show starts.

Our hotel that day was at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill. That place is gorgeous.

 Nice beds.


Winnie said...

Nice pics! But it looks soooooo cold....

Winnie said...

Nice pics! But it looks soooooo cold....

elderflowertea said...

@Winnie: Yup, very cold!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much did you spent for renting the ski accessories?

elderflowertea said...

@Anonymous: Sorry, I can't remember :(

Darmadi said...

hi, looks interesting and wonderful trip. I'll also go to there later, do u take the ski lift when u was there? and do u think is it needed? thanks

elderflowertea said...

@Darmadi: Hm.. I'm not sure. I took the cable car up to see the scenery.