Monday, March 18, 2013

Korea Trip Part 5

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This is going to be a long post because I have many photos. Really a lot!

The Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island has an impressive variety of teddy bears that have been loved for more than a hundred years from all over the world. Inside the two galleries you can view the teddy bears (old and new ones) from many different countries. You can also enjoy yourself at the museum shop, café, restaurant or the outdoor park where you can view the spectacular Jungmun Sea.

The gallery is grouped into three sections: the History Hall, the Art Hall and the Project Exhibition Hall. In the History Hall, you can witness the 100-year history of teddy bears including famous scenes, popular teddy bears of different eras, and antique teddy bears. The Mona Lisa teddy bear and the teddy bears of the “The Last Supper” (Leonardo Da Vinci) will especially catch your eyes. In the Art Hall are the latest artworks of world’s famous designers, and you will also find animation characters beloved by many children. A section not to miss is where you can find the smallest Teddy Bear in the world at the size of 4.5mm. Not only that, you can also see the most expensive Louis Vuitton bear. In the project exhibit hall you can meet teddy bears grouped to suit the theme of each exhibition.

You can dine or drink coffee at the museum cafe or bar while appreciating the beautiful landscape of Jeju Island. The museum bar is a luxurious space only for adults, which is opened in summer. At the museum garden, you can meet the marvelous teddy bear sculptures and models.

For more info, you can visit the Teddy Bear Museum website at

 Bing Ma Yong teddy bears.


 I like =)

 Goong bears. Does this look familiar?

This is the souvenir shop. They sell lots of different teddy bears there. I didn't buy any though. However, our tour guide, Michael, gave every one of us a small teddy bear each.

Goong Bear for sale in the souvenir shop.

They even have pandas there (not alive ones lah). Are pandas considered bears?

How teddy bears are made.

Oppa Gangnam Style Bear. So cool. 

Teddy Bears of different eras. Didn't take a photo of every era as my camera has no more battery. Haha. Took too many photos.

 Three fatties? Lolx~

I saw Starbucks again. Just opposite The Teddy Bear Museum. This Starbucks looks really nice and artistic. Too bad I am in a tour group. If not, I will surely go there and grab a cup of hot coffee as the weather was really COLD and chill there. I love Starbucks!

  Dinner (or was it lunch? I can't remember). But it's great to take hot soupy food in winter.

After The Teddy Bear Museum and dinner, we went back to the hotel. Our tour leader, Dawson, took us on foot to the shopping area (town area) in Jeju Island. That place reminded me of Bintan's Tanjong Pinang ( There are only a few shops and people around. Not a good place to shop.

The town area in Jeju Island.

Korea Ginseng. Korea is famous for its Ginseng. More about that later.

Some photos of myself. Haha.

  Haha. Can only see my eyes!


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