Friday, March 15, 2013

Korea Trip Part 2

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The next day, we had breakfast in the hotel.


Waffles. I like!

After breakfast, we went to Songan Sunrise Peaks. It is an extinct volcanic crater on the eastern tip of Jeju Island. This site is the most famous place for seeing the sunrise on Jeju Island and attracts a large crowd of tourists throughout the year. Saw many people and tour groups there. We did not climb all the way up. It was too cold and tiring. There are nice souvenirs and fruit chocolates at the shops at the bottom. We bought some but all were given away!

Starbucks. I think that Starbucks is a very successful business. Seriously. I see Starbucks in so many countries!

After the Songan Sunrise Peaks, Michael brought us to the Soengeup Folk Village. Some scenes of 大长今 was filmed there. When we arrived at the village, there was a local villager tour guide waiting for us. She said that she did take part in the popular Korea drama - 大长今. She was acting as a girl who sat beside 长今 washing clothes in one of the scenes. She only appeared on the drama for 2 seconds but the filming took 2 days. Wow~ I guess it's not easy being an artiste too. Sorry, I cannot remember her name now. Oops~

Can you recognise her?

The head villager's house.

The ordinary villager's house.

This is for grinding beans.

Black pig. Or is it called boar?

After touring around Seongeup Village, we had lunch nearby before going to the Trick Art Gallery. We had a busy day on that day.

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