Monday, October 10, 2011

Loud Festival

Went to the Loud Festival with Diana on Friday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It started at 8:30pm.

The first group to perform was Sodagreen. They performed Kuang Re, Xiao Qing Ge, Xi Huan Ji Mo (new song) and Zao Dian Hui Jia (new song). Sorry, got to type everything in Hanyu Pinyin because I can't type Chinese words in this MAC computer. If anyone knows, please tell me how to ok.

After Sodagreen's performance, Landy (Wen Lan) made a loud appearance and paid tribute to her ethnic roots when she showcased her powerhouse vocals in an aboriginal-esque tune. Very amazing! But I find that the music was louder than her voice. It would be better if we can hear her more clearly. She also sang more popular songs like Zhu Wo Sheng Ri Kuai Le and Sha Gua. Oh, and there was a sexy dance performance by her, not bad =)

Next one of our local groups, Ang Mo Pai, went on stage. Don't know why they are called Ang Mo Pai. Sounds like rambutan. Lolx~ Anyway, felt kinda bad for them coz a lot of people were moving around (going to the toilet, etc) when Ang Mo Pai was singing. Oops~ I was one of the guilty ones but.. cannot help it leh. Want to go to the toilet what.

After that, Cindy Yen came on stage. I seriously can't remember what songs she sang. She sang an English song which was not bad at all.

The peak of the entire Loud Festival is when Jay Chou came on stage. Really! You can see all the audience standing up, cheering, waving, shouting, etc. Very high! He sang many songs (which I suddenly can't remember but I will go youtube to find the videos for you all ok?). I like his guitar and piano renditions. Finally, he and Landy sang Wu Ding during encore.

By the way, I saw a Caucasian there. Wonder if he understands the songs?

Ok, videos time:

Jay Chou's piano rendition.

Duet! Wu Ding, such a classic old song =)

Cindy Yen singing the English song.

Actually, there are many more videos which you can just go find in youtube. Just type in "Loud Festival 2011 Singapore". I don't know why my browser hanged 3 times while I was trying to embed the videos here. So I didn't embed more videos.

Some photos which I have taken:

This is how the stage looked like before the concert.

Waiting for people to fill up the seats. 

Look at all the cameras! 


Can't see clearly =(

Can you see who/what is this?

Tried again.

Fyi, this is Qing Feng (the lead singer) from Sodagreen. 

See, my photos aren't that fantastic so I gave up taking photos and just enjoy the concert. Anyway, I can always google for nicer photos if I want =)

Love Jay Chou! Can't wait for his next concert! xD


Anonymous said...

Thank for this post. It's great!

Diana said...

very glad i went!

=) Diana

elderflowertea said...

@Diana: Hey gal. Yeah! =)

Shan said...

I also want to GO!!!!!

elderflowertea said...

@Shan: Haha. Go for the Jay Chou concert! But very hard to get tickets lor =(