Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi Everyone. See this email which I've received..


This is a confirmation email to update you that you have been selected to be part of the exciting Makan Session with your favourite Top Blogger ieatishootipost!

Get ready your CEPAS (EZ-Link) card and be prepared for the ‘Makan Session’! Just in case you forgot, here’s a brief write-up of the session:

Details of the Second Makan Session are as follows:
Date: 29th October 2011, Saturday
Time: 1.45pm
Venue: Farrer Road MRT Control Station

We will be there at the MRT Station waiting to set off with you for our Makan Session! So we will see you there at 1.45pm sharp. J

To confirm your attendance, please reply this email with:

1)      Your Full Name
2)      I/C Number
3)      Mobile Number

Yay! Anyone going for this event?


robin said...

interesting event , enjoy the nice food =)

Shan said...

Interesting!! Do tell me more about it after that.

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Yup =)

@Shan: Okie. I'll blog about it.