Friday, September 18, 2009

Wow~! Finally, I can upload photos directly from my laptop. Haha~ So I shan't be lazy and shall continue blogging about my Tioman trip xD.

Anyway, from where I've let off.. Jiamin and I just explored the place on 14/8 and took many photos. But I shan't upload too many photos here as I don't wanna flood my blog too much (although I already am). Ah~ How contradicting right?

The beautiful and serene surrounding =)

The deluxe chalet.

Our superior room. We stayed at the upper level.

I'm at the beach. Haha =)

This ends my Day 1, 14/8 update.

The second day, 15/8, was an exciting day. We would be going snorkeling out at the sea as well as doing our spa. Both were the highlights of this trip. Haha. We were both looking forward to them!

This is my water camera. Looks cute to me. Haha~

Preparing to snorkel.

Pre-snorkeling. Lolx~ How do we look? =P


Our room number.

Yay, photos of me! Lolx~

More.. With the room key~

This dress made me look fat lor =(

Oops~ Really have got quite a number of photos. Hm.. But I really am too lazy to do a collage. Need to arrange the photos all that. Sianz lor. Oh well~ Let me continue.. A picture tells a thousand words so I shall just upload more photos to describe about my trip. Lolx~ But the sequence of the photos is a bit off. My apologies =/

The pub at Paya Beach Resort.

My drink tasted awful man. Yucks!

The interior of the spa room. Looked cozy =)

Going for spa soon. Haha xD~ Yay!

I look fat compared to Jiamin. Boo hoo~ =(

Outside the Spa.

Fishes in the sea. Cool~

Flower bath~ Shiok! xD

Spa.. Spa.. Spa... Yay! Haha!

It's snorkeling time!!!

Random photo.. In the sea...

Under the sea.. Under the sea... Haha~ =)

More photos of us. Haha!

Don't be sick of us k? =p

Cute fishes.. I like =)

And that's basically all for Day 2. Mainly just snorkeling and spa. It was fun. Jiamin was so afraid of snorkeling at first and kept calling me. Made me drank some seawater lor.. So salty!! But during the second snorkel, she became more confident. Don't need my help anymore. Haha~ Good lah, got improvement =) And there was a Singaporean family on board the same boat as us. They seem pretty nice. Haha~ Some strangers even gave Jiamin and I some bread coz we forgot to bring/buy to feed the fishes. It's cool feeding those fishes. Special thanks to the lady. It's good to know that there are still nice people around =)

On the 16/8, it is the third and last day of our trip. Felt a bit reluctant to go back as we just wanna relax and enjoy ourselves more before we go back and face those challenges ahead of us. Haha. We do need a longer break. By the way, it's difficult to call Jiamin to wake up in the morning lor. I thought I was slow but I managed to get ready before her for all the 3 days. =.= Then made me so hungry lor, coz waiting for her to go eat breakfast together. I love the egg omelette there! xD

Chewing gum~ Nice~ But I have to throw away the unfinished ones. Can't bring it back to Singapore =(

Nice and cheap satay. Haha xD

I guess that should conclude this entry and my Tioman trip =)

PS: I realise I still have souvenirs from my Tioman trip. And now I can't really remember whom I have given and whom I haven't. Haiz~

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