Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Many people are slowly falling sick in my office. Seems like more and more of my colleagues are on MC. Oh well~ Get well soon people and welcome back to work soon! Haha~ Today, got so much stuff to handle. Like short of manpower.

Just now, I watched this Taiwanese variety show about artistes sucking up to the directors, producers, etc.. Hm.. now I wonder.. do we suck up to our bosses? Or maybe not to the extent of sucking up but just try to get into their good books? I don't know. Maybe we are doing it subconsciously? And to what extent then is called sucking up? Sucking up sucks.. Like not a good feeling leh. Haha~ All right.. Am crapping now. Got to go sleep. Nights people =)

PS: Sometimes, I think I haven't been a good friend to some people. My apologies people =)

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