Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This post is for ranting purposes only... Why? Coz I'm feeling damn frustrated now. About what? About many things!

Suddenly, I feel that I dislike so many people. A lot of selfish people around. People whom you aren't close to and people whom you are close to.

Anyway, today I'm on MC. I'm feeling heaty probably due to the insufficient rest I had during the long holiday. I hate being so tired lor. I just want a day to rest at home.. all by myself. Haiz~ So sad.. I tell myself not to fly people's aeroplane. I haven't been a pilot recently but who's the one suffering? Myself~ WTH =.=

It's very hard to find true and selfless people. Many hypocrites around.. I find those who claim that they love you.. Well, some of them sound so fake lor. You see their actions.. They are so fake. It's so easy to just use the mouth and say.

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