Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate some attributes of myself. Diana too. Haha~ Essentially, we are like the same kind of people. We get stressed up easily and are a tad too self-conscious at times. Maybe that's why we are friends. But I really wish that we can do away with these negative attributes and don't care about what other people say/think. Argh~!! It's so frustrating at times. I just wanna do whatever I want but sometimes I just can't. People will judge me, people will comment about me, people will get angry with me, people will blame me, people will quarrel with me.. Haiz~ And some people are not 大方 at all. So sometimes, it really makes me wonder.. Am I living for others or myself? Now, let me ask all my readers out there.. Are you living for others or yourselves? Should we please/satisfy others first? Or ourselves? Some people said that we should be happy and satisfied first before we can make other people happy. But really.. Sometimes, other people's happiness is built on our sacrifices and sadness and vice versa. Haiz~

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