Thursday, December 20, 2012

Germany (Munich) Trip Part 9

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Free and easy day. Last day in Munich before we go back to Singapore. Hence, we took the opportunity to do some serious shopping in Maximilan Street area. We tried to take the subway there but we could not figure out how to buy the tickets. It is really confusing! We ended up taking a cab there. About 15 Euros. 

 All of us trying to figure out how to purchase the subway tickets but to no avail.

 Our loots. There's more to come but somehow I can't find the photo now.

 Simple lunch - fried rice. Finally, no more pork.

 Coffee machine at our hotel lobby. Quite cute. 2 Euro per cup.

After lunch and shopping, we went back to our hotel to rest and get ready for dinner.

 I really love their dessert. Not their main course nor the appetizer. Lolx~

The next day, it was home sweet home. If you want to do a tax refund, it is best that you reach the airport early because it is a troublesome thing. First, need to check in then proceed to let the officer check what you have purchased. After he checked then he will chop on a form then you can proceed to the tax refund counter to get your refund back. There are 2 tax refund counters so you may need to go to 2 different places to get back your refund. Remember, don't queue at the wrong place/counter. I have queued at the wrong places a few times. Quite confusing.

Coach to bring us to the airport.

Ate lunch at the airport.

Some zi pai photos using my iPhone.

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