Thursday, December 13, 2012

Germany (Munich) Trip Part 6

Maximilan Street is the most upmarket shopping street in Munich. It has many designer stores. The designer goods there are cheaper than in Singapore. Must really go there to shop if you are ever in Munich. Even if just window shopping. However, the sales assistants in those branded stores are really =.=. They have their noses up in the air. Met an extremely rude lady in Louis Vuitton (LV) store. Wanted to buy an LV bag but didn't in the end because that sales assistant really pissed me off and the bag has scratches.

Zi pai-ing while waiting for the others to board the coach.

Need to queue to get into Chanel. What the..

Had dinner at Berni's. 

The spaghetti bolognese I had tasted good. 

I took a photo of this shop because I bought some magnets from there but discovered that the paint on one came off. Brought it back to the shop (within minutes) to exchange it but the sales assistant rolled her eyes and tsk me. I won't buy from this shop anymore. The sales assistant at the shop beside this shop is better.

Next up: Mirabell Garden and Park at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Austria

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