Thursday, December 20, 2012

Germany (Munich) Trip Part 8

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After visiting the Mirabell Gardens, we went for lunch at Sternbrau Restaurant. (Sorry, my photos are a bit disorder). After lunch, we went SHOPPING in Salzburg. It is Mozart's birthplace so they sell a lot of Mozart stuff. Must go there if you are Mozart's fan.


OMG. Pork knuckles again. Guess I really don't like German food =.=

I like the strawberry cake. Nice and sweet =).

Heard that Mozart used to live here. This place has become a museum now.

This is an eating place near the Mozart museum. Heard that the seafood there is very delicious and fresh. There is free toilet there. Lolx~ Sorry, I forgot the name of the place.

The McCafe there sells bubble tea.

The pearls are totally different from that in Singapore. I think they are made from fruits and not starch.

Need to pay 50 cents pound to enter the McDonald's toilet. The most expensive toilet I have ever been to.

This is how my hotel looks like. Didn't take the photo on the first day. 

We had our dinner here. It was so crowded. We had to wait for nearly one hour before we can all be seated. I think it is because most of us misunderstood. We thought that this is the nice Italian restaurant which our tour guide recommended but apparently most of us got it wrong. In any case, the food there is not bad.

Next and last part: Shopping in Maximilan Street again and Gala dinner.


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looking forward to your next interesting post dear =)

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