Thursday, December 6, 2012

Germany (Munich) Trip Part 4

After lunch, we proceeded to check-in to our hotel rooms for a quick rest before going to the BMW Welt for dinner. The hotel which we stayed in was Sheraton Munchen Westpark Hotel ( It is not bad and the location is quite central. There is free wifi in the lobby. 

Toilet and bathroom. 

After we have unpacked and rested for awhile, we needed to get ready for our welcome dinner at the BMW Welt. The BMW Welt is located directly adjacent to the BMW company headquarters, the BMW home plant and the BMW Museum. An architectural masterpiece, it is both the delivery center for new BMW automobiles and a brand experience under a one roof. This is where the fascination of the BMW brand comes alive more than anywhere else for collectors and visitors from all over the world. So if you are a BMW fan, it is a place you would love and must visit. For me, I just like to look at the nice cars and motorbikes there. I've read that you can actually call and reserve for the 2.5 hour premium tour of the BMW welt, museum and plant.

Stephanie and I. 

How do I look?

After looking at the car photos, which is your favourite car? I like the blue one =) There is a souvenir shop there which I bought a cap for my aunt and a BMW polo tee for Robin. Thought I did take at least one photo of my purchases or the souvenir shop but I can't find the photo anywhere. Boo.

There is a restaurant there where you can have some food. Personally, I don't like the food there. I just find that the food tasted weird. I only like the dessert. Nice and sweet =) Before our dinner, we had some cocktail and celebrated our CEO's birthday.

Can see the kitchen from the restaurant.

Cool to see a lady playing the saxophone. Sexy. Haha.

Happy Birthday~!!

Next: Neuschwanstein Castle


robin said...

looking forward to learn about your castle adventure experience

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@robin: Okie, posted liao.