Monday, August 13, 2012

Review - Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

This blog post/review should be up ages ago. Sorry, now then blog about it.

Went to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at The Riverwalk with my colleagues one day. It was to celebrate my director's and one other colleague's birthdays. I am sure many (if not most) of you have heard/been to Jumbo. Need to reserve a table in advance as there's almost always a lunch and dinner crowd. It is such a popular joint of seafood restaurants in Singapore. Saw many foreigners/tourists there. Anyway, it's a great place to bring your foreign friends, relatives and business associates for  lunch/dinner. They have other outlets as well. Can go check out their website:

Okie, photo time!!

Birthday boys.. erm.. men?

They have this really cute aprons. Haha.

A MUST to order their black pepper crab.

Of course, cannot forget about the chili crab.

And delicious fried mantou to match.

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robin said...

i love to enjoy crabs with my lovely dear =)