Sunday, August 19, 2012

Genting - 3 Days 2 Nights

Hi people!! What will you do and where will you go if you have the opportunity to go to Genting for 3 days 2 nights? Hm.. Think about it while I show you my itinerary first.

Day 1

I estimate that if we take coach, we will reach Genting at about 12-1pm. Once we reached Genting, we will need to eat lunch!! For lunch, we will dine at Restoran Hainan Kitchen which is located on level 2 of  First World Plaza. I wanna eat the Hainanese Chicken Rice!! After lunch, we will go and pick strawberries at Highlands Strawberry Farm. Despite going to Genting for a few times in the past, I have never been to the Strawberry Farm. So now if I have the chance, I MUST go there! I also want to go to the World Of Phalaenopsis Orchid Farm. We are Singaporeans and Orchid is our national flower so we need to go and take photos of the beautiful orchids.

If we have time after that, we can go shopping before dinner. Saw a poster somewhere that SaSa is having a mid-year mega sale with discounts up to 70%. OMG!! There's always something to buy at SaSa. Moreover, I wanna top up my cosmetics stuff. For dinner, I hope to try some oriental food at Genting Palace Restaurant. The majestic Genting Palace Restaurant serves exquisite Cantonese Cuisine with an ambience to match. After dinner, we shall head over to the casino. How can we go to Genting without going to the casino? Haha~

Day 2

Plan to wake up at about 9am. Will head over to Good Friend Express at Genting Highlands Hotel for breakfast. Read some good reviews on tripadvisor about the yummy dim sum served there. After breakfast, we will go to the Theme Parks. How can we go to Genting without visiting their Theme Parks? I particularly wanna go to the outdoor and water theme park. Whee~ For lunch, we'll just have a simple one at either the outdoor or water theme park. After a day of fun, we will head over to Ming Ren Restaurant for dinner. Heard that it was named "The Best Restaurant" by Malaysia Tatler in 2010. We will be able to enjoy a feast of authentic Xinjiang cuisine. Sounds cool~ After dinner, we can either go sing KTV or bowl. At night, maybe we can head over to one of the bars for drinks. Can get to know other bloggers better! =)

Day 3

Last day in Genting! Need to eat a good and heavy breakfast before home sweet home. Plan to go to Coffee Terrace for breakfast buffet. After breakfast, it will be SHOPPING time!! There are more than 60 retail outlets there. Have to shop!! Maybe we can grab a quick bite for lunch or takeaway some food to eat on the way back in the coach. Should reach Singapore around evening/night time.

Ta-da~!! So how do you all find my itinerary? Does it make you feel like going to Genting? If yes, then book your holiday with Genting’s iHoliday booking engine for a convenient one-stop solution!

PS: Do you know why I've got no pictures/photos in this blog post? Coz I wanna go and take photos myself instead of googling for pictures/photos and paste here. If I get to go to Genting, rest assured that I will flood my blog with many photos.


robin said...

lets go together soon k, what u think ? =)

robin said...


i want to go too =)

elderflowertea said...

@robin: can if we are lucky enough =)