Friday, August 31, 2012

Review - Brunetti

Winnie recommended Brunetti to me and we went to try it. Was a little disappointed with the place though. At first sight, the cafe does look very attractive and inviting with its mosaic tiles and marble tables. The large array of pastries on display looks yummy too! It was quite empty when we arrived there for brunch which is something I appreciate. Some cafes like Starbucks are getting too crowded for my comfort.

However, the service really needs to be improved. There was no proper queuing system and photo-taking is not allowed. Managed to take some photos before I was told rudely that it's the company policy that I am not allowed to take any photo. I always don't understand why the boss(es) will set such a policy. Is it because they are afraid that their competitors will copy their ideas? Or they are worried that we are going to criticize their place/food? To me, it is a really ridiculous policy. Perhaps some bosses would want to enlighten me? After all, I am going to provide them with free marketing (provided that their stuff are good lah).

By the way, for those who are interested, Brunetti is located on the first floor of Tanglin Mall. They also have an outdoor seating area which I didn't explore.

I can't remember if I ordered latte or mocha but it tasted just ordinary. So-so lah. I topped up $1 for a large cup.

My cheesecake looked so pretty and yummy. It is actually quite a huge piece but pretty expensive. Think it cost about $7 plus.

Winnie ordered the banana split pancakes. It was a large portion as well.

Overall, I think that it's an ok place to chill, relax, talk or discuss stuff. It does have a nice and quiet ambience =)

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