Monday, August 13, 2012

A Random Ranting Post

Ah yoh. I wanna rant again. I have many things to blog about but my stupid Internet is not working again! It is always not working at night. Damn sickening. After waiting and restarting my modem, etc.. I can only blog sharing my handphone's personal hotspot. Have been using it quite often nowadays. I hope that it doesn't exceed my 12GB quota. Dreading my phone bill =.= Anyway, I can't procrastinate anymore because I have simply too many things to blog about. My Internet connection does work well in the mornings and afternoons but I am not at home/too busy at those times to blog. Perhaps that's why it works in the mornings and afternoons as there are not many people using the Internet.

I don't wanna stick with Singnet anymore but my brother renewed a 2 year contract with them last year. @#$%^ lor.

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