Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review 2 - JCube

There's this period when I kept going to to JCube. Don't know why. Anyway, this time round, tried out different restaurants, namely Eat at Taipei and Kungfu Paradise.

I have tried to rotate my photo but don't know why the photo is still like this. 

This 棺材板 is really good! Worth ordering. 

The food is not bad and not really expensive. Service is quite good too. It is a great place for chilling out. Quite cold there and overlooking the ice-skating rink. It is always crowded during dinner time and on weekends. Need to queue.

Second restaurant which we have tried out is Kungfu Paradise. I think there are a few outlets around Singapore.

Wow, the opening hours are until the wee hours! Can go there for drinks with friends if you cannot sleep at night. Haha. 

Food is not bad but the service there is bad. Think that the reason is because it is crowded. Called the staff thrice to fill up my warm water but was ignored. WTH lah. By the way, they charge $0.30 for plain water. Don't like restaurants which charge for plain water. So most probably will not patronize that restaurant again.

Oh yeah. Saw this rather unique store there. They sell quite cute and unique stuff. However, the price is not cheap. Can just go there to check it out!

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