Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie Review - Brave 3D

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Went to watch the new Disney movie - Brave 3D with Robin last Sunday. Got the tickets from Nuffnang! Thanks! I love Nuffnang. Lolx~

Before the movie, I met Robin at Waffletown to have lunch. I love Waffletown!! Went there since secondary school. It's like a family restaurant. The same uncle is still working there. Usually, I will have my favourite black pepper chicken chop but I just had a craving for fried chicken on that day. We also tried the cheese fries there. Still prefer the potato wedges at Waffletown and the cheese fries at KFC.

Delicious fried chicken. Yummy!!

So-so cheese fries.

Robin had the black pepper steak.

Zi pai-ing. Haha.

After lunch, we headed to The Cathay to watch Brave 3D. I really love the movie!! It's damn touching. Seriously. Very suitable to bring your kids to watch this movie. It talks about bravery and the love and bond between the mother and daughter. I teared a bit towards the ending when the daughter rushed out to stop her father from killing her mother due to a misunderstanding. The mother (who used to be princessy) also stopped the monster from killing her daughter. She fought bravely to protect her daughter!

I guess most mother-and-daugher relationships are the same. They may quarrel often, have disagreements and buay song each other sometimes but when it comes to danger, they will protect each other at all cost. Sometimes, I guess it is through "bad" times that you can test the true relationships among people. Mother-and-daughter relationship is definitely an amazing and touching one =) So let's appreciate our mothers!!

By the way, there were activities at The Cathay entrance. Go and take part in it. You can take photos with Brave background for free there =)

Collecting the movie tickets.

I zi pai again. Lolx~ Should I rebond my hair? A bit qiao now.

Our photo. Okie, we look kinda weird there. Wanted to retake it but there was a queue there. Paiseh to ask to retake =.= 

After the movie, we headed to Thai Express at Plaza Singapura to have dinner. I saw some new Japanese restaurants there but I had a craving for Tomyam so.. next time then try and review here okie?

Went to shop around PS area after dinner. We just walked and walked and somehow, we ended up at the top floor which is GV. Saw Brave's pop-up (or is it pop-out?) poster. Can't resist taking photos with it. Haha.

By the way, I bought this new pair of boots from KL. Am loving it~!! Cost only RM79.90.

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robin said...

sure dear

lets go there again soon to try more new yummy food together


i love this movie too

to me , this movies talks about many values and moral values too