Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Dew Aesthetiques Review

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Like the first drop of morning dew ever so pure and graceful, First Dew salon is a sanctuary of serenity and comfort for your utmost relaxation. With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty trade, they have been delivering new heights of skin technology and cater to your every skincare needs. Besides skincare, they have other services like waxing, slimming, ILP, hand and feet care, mole removal, ear candling (with scalp massage), eyebrow shaping, etc.

I was invited to First Dew Aesthetiques for a complimentary facial last month. I went to First Dew @ Bukit Batok which is located at Blk 633 Bukit Batok Central #01-118 (just above Bukit Batok bus interchange).

The treatments which I was recommended were Aromaplasty Facial and Jewel Eye Treatment. I love the treatment! It was quite comfortable and relaxing. I like the head, neck and shoulder massages. The facial specialist, Emily, has done a good job extracting out my blackheads. Really hate blackheads extraction because it really hurts and I never fail to tear during extractions.

Had to change into their robe.

Before the facial.

After the facial. My eye bags and dark circles seem to have improved! Yay!!

Emily was not pushy at all. Didn't try to sell me any package nor any product during the whole facial process. However, the manager did ask if I am interested to sign up for the packages. I declined politely. Not pushy at all. Actually, I feel very tempted to sign up but I feel very poor then as I have just came back from Bintan and was going to KL soon.

Good news for my readers. Quote my name - Claudia, and you will be able to get a 50% off for first trial facial valid till the end of July. Do call them to book an appointment.

For more information, you can check out their website:

Locate them:

First Dew @ Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2 (Novena MRT)
Singapore 307506

Tel: +65 6397 2249
Fax: +65 6397 6046

First Dew @ Bukit Batok
Blk 633 Bukit Batok Central (Bukit Batok MRT)
Singapore 650633

Tel: +65 6563 9309


BraEug said...

Hey, I'm a guy and most guys do not go for facials and waxes or what not but I think its cool that women go through all that pain and pampering just to make themselves even more beautiful. I did not know one could extract black heads, I would consider doing that (but just between me and you I would not tell my friends about it.)

jamshad kaiprath said...

Are You Beauty Consious...
Find Some tips Here..=P

Diana said...

what are their prices like? couldn't find the price list

Anonymous said...


elderflowertea said...

@BraEug: Yup, u can. Go try!

@Diana: Will share with u =)

@Anon: Thanks!