Thursday, July 5, 2012

I got a very calculative friend. Ok, quite calculative. Sometimes I will roll my eyes at her. Haha. Coz always don't understand why she is so calculative. Will count to the dollars and cents with you/me! But now, I think I am becoming like that (ok, a little like that) because earning money is not easy. Every single cent is also my hard-earned money. Got many sacrifices, etc to make ok. Anyway, we can get along better now =) Need to put ourselves in other people's shoes sometimes.


Diana said...

haha some people are just calculative...everything must count until very detailed.

i seem to be able to part more easily with my own hard-earned money, than my parents'.

elderflowertea said...

@Diana: Why? Spend other people's money is better? Lolx~ Next time spend husband's money!! Haha!