Sunday, June 20, 2010

Updates Updates...

This week has been a pretty busy week for me. Especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I love these 3 days. Hate the arrival of Monday. Haha. But this coming week I only need to work for 4 days. On leave next Friday to catch the Twilight and New Moon marathon xD Anyway, come July, it will be a pretty eventful month. Batam trip, the Newpaper Big Walk and Jay Chou concert.

Back to updates.. Friday (18 June), met up with Robin after work to catch the live screening of:

We watched it free at Zhenghua CC. The place is great, plenty of seats available. No need to squeeze with other people. Last last Friday (11 June), went with Robin, Desmond and Jasmin to Clarke Quay area to catch the opening match of the 2010 Fifa World Cup but it's difficult to get a seat. Went to a pub where there is a table available but min spending is $35 per person. Boo~ So exp! Anyway, we ended up watching it at Le Noir (agar agar lah, can't really rem the place name). No space to sit so we stood and drank at a table. Don't really like the DJ though. On the music so loud that we can't hear the commentary reporting about the match =.=

PS: Paiseh ah. I need to go meet Yoyo, Verlene, Sammie boy and Jeri at Clarke Quay to celebrate Yoyo's birthday. Am running late already. As you know, I just like to share/publish/post whatever I have. Don't like to save as draft so.. just publish this first. Will update soon on another new post.

PPS: Sianz lor. Can't find my camera.

Speaking of camera, I want to get this:

It's a DSLR camera. Cool right? By the way, my current Panasonic camera is my 21st birthday present. It is more than 3 years old already. Perhaps time to get a new one? =P

All right. Continue tonight.. Hopefully I've got time yeah =)

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