Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I want to curse and swear at this stupid person. Made me have a physical headache. I cannot believe how cheapskate and crazily demanding some people are. They also don't have a valid ground.

So anyway, I really cannot understand. Some people claim that they are in the service line, etc. but they are also the nasty customers. Hello?!?! If you are in the service line, all the more you should learn to respect people right? You will be able to put yourself in other shoes and think right? I am quite sick that some people have this stupid mindset that if you complain/make a big fuss, you will be able to get some benefit/compensation. If you got a real ground to complain, fine.. go ahead. But if you are bloody complaining for the sake of getting some benefit and can twist the story here and there to help yourself, you are so low. Really feel like slapping these people.

Also cannot stand some people who say they will sue you/go to case/write to straits times, etc.. Please lah. People so free want to entertain you meh? What a nuisance! Sometimes I see the forum, etc.. I see some people's complaints, I just feel like =.= Small things also want to make into such a big thing. This is the epic 吃饱太空,神经病。

PS: I also got many things to complain about, just that I didn't do it officially. Oh well~ Don't need to make things hard for others.

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