Monday, June 7, 2010

Okie guys and gals. Time to update my blog. The weekend is here once again and now it's gone.

Fridaeee~ Met Robin after work at Jurong East MRT before proceeding to the Science Centre to watch Beavers (Robin got free tickets to that) at the Omni Theatre. The documentary/show lasted for about 35mins. Wow~ Haven't been to the Science Centre in ages! Anyway, the show is kinda boring and the kids are so noisy =.= Oops~ But the Omni Theatre is still cool =)

Went out with Robin, Verlene, Sammie boy and Jeri on Sat. Desmond and Jasmin were supposed to join us for bowling but didn't =.= Bought someone's birthday present. Hope that he will like it. Shan't disclose who in case he's reading it? Hee~ Anyway, we didn't get to bowl at Marina Square as there was no lane available. We waited for quite long before there was a lane available but decided not to take it as it was kinda late already. Maybe we should go to Kallang and bowl next time. Need to go somewhere more ulu. Lolx~ We did have fun playing some arcade games though.

Met up with Diana on Sunday. Had a ranting session over coffee and cakes at Bakerzin before going to Harbourfront Centre to cut my hair. New hairstyle! Wanted to go back to Masa Salon but Freddie's appointment was full for the whole day. So I went to Creative Salon to try. Wah, it cost me $45 to cut my hair lor. OMG man. More exp than Freddie. Anyway, the senior hairstylist, Lionel, criticized Freddie for using those thinning scissors to cut my hair the last time so my hair is uneven (something along that line..). Hm.. I didn't notice what he used but he's fast. So anyway, damn exp leh. I want a cheap and good place. Please recommend me a cheap and good salon. Please~

Anyway, I don't have any photo to show as I didn't bring my camera along. Hm.. Seems like I haven't been taking photos nowadays. Lazy~ Oops =P

After the haircut, Diana went for a pedicure at Faceshop. Maybe next time I will do mine. Wait lor. Got party/event then do. Next, we rushed to have our dinner then watched Sex and the City 2. The movie is great. Funny and entertaining. After the show, we rushed to Watsons but it was closed. Boo hoo~ Need to get some stuff from Watsons. Think we patron Watsons quite often. Can be the PPS of Watsons liao.

PS: I really hate it when my internet connection siao siao and anyhow disconnect. Sometimes, I am in the middle of doing something then suddenly got disconnected. How annoying! Hello Singnet.. Please improve leh =S

PPS: I need to spend less and save more!!

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