Monday, June 21, 2010

Okie, so I'm back to continue blogging...

Just came back not long ago from Clarke Quay. Went for the Hippo River Cruise with Verlene, Sammie boy and Yoyo. The Hippo River Cruise seemed different from the river cruise I took last time although the route is about the same. The tour guide commented that the ride on the Singapore Flyer is $30 for 30mins. So that means it's $1 per min. The Hippo River Cruise is $15 for 30mins. So that means we paid $0.50 per min. That's expensive man. Singapore is an expensive country for tourists to visit.

Robin and Jeri came to join us for dinner later at Billy Bombers to celebrate Yoyo's birthday. Dinner was great and everything except that I have diarrhoea. Felt quite sick lor. Boo =( Really needed to go to the toilet as I walked home from the bus stop. Got to sort of run home =.=

Anyway, am not sure if Yoyo was surprised as Sammie boy and Verlene "disappeared to the toilet" for very long. Haha~ Perhaps he can now guess that they went to collect the cake. Hopefully he likes his cake and present =)

Sat (19 June), went to Partyworld with Sammie boy, Jasmin and Verlene. Robin came much later. Wah, so long never go to KTV liao. Don't really know all the new songs or new artistes. Oops~ Perhaps I should listen to the radio more often or update my mp3? But some older songs are really nice. We also celebrated Jasmin's birthday there. Think we managed to surprise her? Hee~

After the KTV session, met Desmond at Heeren for dinner. Went to Pasta Waraku (paiseh, I can't rem the actual name of the restaurant k). After that, went to catch some soft toys. Managed to win 2 small soft toys (like handphone accessory?) for Jasmin and Verlene. They have this "catch the ball" game which I think is quite fun. My record is 6 balls. Shall try to break it. Desmond's record is 2. Haha =P Robin also didn't win anything. Boo~

Next, we wanted to catch a movie but the tickets were either sold out or selling fast for many movies at Cine. Oh well~ Then we tried Cathay lor. (It's so hi-tech now. Can check availability for Cathay at Cine and even buy tickets for it! How cool is that? Wonderful~) So anyway, we ended up watching Toy Story 3 at Cathay at 11:50pm as that's like the only show where we managed to get good seats for.

Anyway, didn't regret watching that show. It's quite nice actually. Not bad. Enriching too =) Took a cab home afterward. Seems like I take cab home every weekend. Oops~ I REALLY need a car and license lor. Was damn exhausted when I reached home yesterday. Didn't even go online. Hardly had such a long day out already.

PS: I found my camera after all and realised that I haven't been uploading photos since 28 March. Wow~

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