Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today, I started my day with a phone call from one weirdo and ended my day with a phone call from another weirdo. So weird~ Hm.. Many crazy people around =.=

Presentation tomorrow. Am so NOT looking forward to it. Sianz lor.

Felt so sleepy at work today in the morning. Everyone, please do not ask me out from Mon - Thu. Especially if I have to wait for you all to finish work. Haha. Really no energy to go out. Was too tired out after going out with Diana yesterday. Feet were sore from walking around with my heels. I hate heels. They are nice to look at but not nice to wear. Don't know why ladies have to wear heels to work. Stupid rule hor?

Lastly, I really NEED to spend LESS and save MORE! Haha~ Must control.

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