Sunday, April 18, 2010

我真的不明白。 为什么有些人明明不适合但偏偏还在一起? 如果选择在一起就应该好好过而不是天天吵吵闹闹。

I know breaking up isn't easy but if the other party doesn't make you happier and you don't make the other party happier, what's the point of being together? After all, 长痛不如短痛。 I regretted not being firm in breaking up in my past relationship so I don't want other people to follow my path. There are many more important things to life. Like don't let relationship matters ruin your studies/careers. Like for your exams, once you did badly, there's nothing you can do already. The results will follow you for life. Haiz~ Okie, shall put away my regrets.

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