Friday, April 9, 2010

Inspired by one of the threads I've read in stomp, I am here to create my own "stores with good customer service" and "stores with lousy customer service". I like to rant only, I hardly really complain all the way. In this case, I am a pretty good customer? Or I am simply just lazy to keep complaining. Sometimes it's useless as the staff don't seem to improve (I think) coz usually I don't really go back to the store with bad service so I can't observe whether there is any improvement.

Stores with good service 

  1. Starbucks - The staff are always so joyful and enthusiastic.
  2. Cathay - Generally acceptable almost all the time so yeah, can consider them good.
  3. Bugis BHG - Personal reason. Just like lor.
  4. Giant at Parkway Parade - Personal reason. Just like lor.
  5. Prima Tower - Service is good but food sucks. =.=
  6. McDonald at Clementi - The uncle is really friendly and nice. Plus he helps customers to find seats and is efficient in clearing the table. Tierra and I want to write him a compliment lor. He deserves it.
  7. Charles and Keith - Generally friendly stuff. Their bags are quite long lasting but their shoes... Ouch!

Stores with bad service 

  1. UOB - Retrieving all my past account statements need $810. Wth~ Aren't they just some sheets of paper? Why do we need to spend $810 to retrieve these papers? And the call centre is no help at all. Haiz~ Anyone with a good bank to recommend?
  2. Timezone - The supervisor told me "move aside, don't block the way" while I was filling up the form for me to upgrade to the Gold card. Now I regret it. I don't wanna be their Gold member anymore.
  3. Jean Yip - Kept trying to promote their products and persuading me to do treatment, etc.
  4. Steve Madden - Lousy product, my bag spoilt within half a year. Yet can't be repaired and no help rendered.
  5. White Dog Cafe - Staff told me to serve myself when she came with the flask of ice water and cups.

Suddenly can't really remember. Will write/update more when I can recall. By the way, one thing to note: although the buses/mrt/lrt are still packed during peak hours, at least I see improvement to the frequency. Not bad.

PS: Okie, for some reason, I'm unable to break the line. Sorry.

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