Monday, April 5, 2010

Had quite a fun time during the long Good Friday weekend. On Friday, went to Sentosa with Jasmin, Verlene and Sammie boy. Did not go to the Universal Studio or Casino. Expensive leh. Will go one day next time =) Sat by the beach and talked with Jasmin while Verlene and Sammie boy went to play in the sea. Long time didn't catch up with her already. Need to update. Haha~ Didn't go drink as Verlene isn't feeling well. I wanna go to one of the beach bars. Seems cool.

I wanna blacklist White Dog cafe at Vivo. The service staff is quite rude. Ask me to serve myself. Wth~ And also Steve Madden. Their products are so lousy, I shall boycott them. My Steve Madden bag has spoilt and it's beyond repair already. The bag is only about 6 months old. So fast spoil one meh? My Charles and Keith bag can last for about 2 years! Haha~ Wanna go and buy another Charles and Keith bag but it seems like a lot of people are carrying those bags. Hm.. Saw one wallet there, quite nice. Argh!! I can't shop! Need to save up. Already spend about $400 plus on contact lens and it's the beginning of April only. Can't afford to go shop. Speaking of that, I hope IGARD doesn't cheat me of the contact lens price. Coz like suddenly so exp. Maybe I should find out from more opticians next time before paying. I want to be a smart consumer!

Anyway, went to make contact lens, watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid and play at Timezone with Robin on Saturday. The movie was nice. Went to watch at Lido as there wasn't any suitable timing at Cathay. Don't know why there was a long queue at Lido to buy tickets. Dont really like Lido seats. Not as comfortable and they seem quite old. Went to play at Timezone after dinner. I caught 2 stuff toys! One Pooh and one Piglet. Haha~ Become so pro siah. Lolx~ I like to play "shoot the basketball" game. Fun but tiring. Not a very suitable game immediately after dinner. Felt a bit nauseous then. Upgraded my paper Timezone card to the plastic one. Seems like it's hard to have fun without spending money. How? =( Anyone know of any interesting thing to past time without paying much? Haha~

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