Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who likes to be fat? Everyone (especially gals) likes to be slim and pretty/good looking. We all wish to fit perfectly into the nice looking clothes which we see on display. We can't wait to bring them home and wear it out and hope that we look as nice in those clothes as the models. So what do we do to get rid of our extra fats? We all hope to slim down. The next question is.. HOW? This is a very good question coz personally I (and some friends) hope to slim down and have tried several ways which are not easy.

So what are the ways of slimming down? I'm sure most people have heard that the most effective way is to exercise more. Increase your metabolism. Make your output greater than input. Yeah, it sounds so logical and ideal. It is. But how many of us are actually so conscientious and determined to exercise so regularly? I've tried but grown sick and tired of it. I hate sports so.. haiz~ And this way, the results come much slower.

Next would be dieting. Eat less or skip some meals. This is such a painful method. OMG!! Singapore is such a food haven that temptations are everywhere. And feeling hungry feels really terrible. It affects your mood and makes you feel moody. You see other people eat, yet you can't eat. That's bad. So dieting is really not a good way of slimming down. There might be side effects like you might get anorexic and can't take in food. Or you might binge on food after your diet, making you regain your weight. Perhaps we can try to eat more healthy food. Like low carbo intake, don't eat after 5pm, count the amount of calories, etc.. I've tried them all but to no avail. It gets so annoying with so many things to follow..

Lastly, I'm sure many would be interested to try slimming centres or massages/spa, etc.. Oh well. If only we can afford it. Haha~ However, although we can afford it, we would want to know what slimming centres to go to or what sort of programmes/packages to sign up for. And what sort of technology are they using. Lastly, we would want it to be effective of course. Cannot just anyhow sign up for anything right?

One day, I've came across a kind of technology called Cativation. Now, all of you might be wondering what is Cativation. Cavitation is the latest technology in slimming. It makes use of stable cavitations to obtain the best results by breaking fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles. The complex fatty acids are then broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids can then be passed out through excretory system. Sounds chim? Have a look at the pictures..

Simply put, it’s a non surgical fat removal method, there’s no downtime, with very rare side effects. And it's damn effective lah!

Armed with a team of physiotherapists and N2 License from National Environment Agency (NEA), Cenosis is the first slimming centre in Singapore to use the Cavitation technology. This shows how committed Cenosis is, in the area of slimming. So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit to make an appointment.

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