Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Many things to blog about.. Haha~ Haven't been such an avid blogger recently. Hm.. Sorry about that.

So sad to see NTU having this kind of demeaning orientation programme. Somehow, I feel that the girl is quite innocent. Hm.. Maybe people/the organisers just sort of psycho her into performing the act. It may be against her wishes too but she isn't strong enough to reject doing it. Maybe coz she's just a freshman? I don't know. But I hope that the NTu organisers can think of better orientation programmes than this type of stupid ones. Really.

2. I just went for my second wisdom teeth extraction yesterday. OMG!! It is worse than the first. Haiz~ My left cheek is swollen now. It hurts really badly yesterday. Hm.. Seems like the first wisdom teeth surgery was better. Oh well~ Can't really remember. Maybe it's the dentist's incompetency. And he still calls himself an oral surgeon, specializing in oral surgery =.= I went to a new dentist coz the previous one is fully booked until Thursday. Scared cannot recover by Monday. But come to think of it, should be able to hor.. Last time I did the surgery on Sat, I went to school on Monday. Hm.. Oh well~ Trusted the wrong dentist maybe.. Haiz~

3. Seems like everyone around me has a job. Haha~ Me too!! And Jeanette too. Congrats gal =) Hm.. The transition between a student to a working adult feels... I don't really know how to describe the feeling but then.. now I look at students studying/mugging, etc. I feel old and a bit out of touch although I've just grad. Haha~ Don't bother asking me anything about school stuff coz I'm totally not interested! Many things have been forgotten. Haha~ Maybe after working for awhile I would miss school. I would miss chionging to lectures and tutorials. Chionging to finish the assignments, readings and projects. But not now. Now, I'm still enjoying (sort of) the corporate world. Haha~ =)

4. I've watched The Proposal. Nice =) I would like to watch it again. Haha xD

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