Friday, August 7, 2009

My old list of 20 Must/Should haves in a Dream Guy. Now I feel like editting some parts =) The parts in purple are the edited ones. Where can I find someone like that? Haha~

20 Must/Should haves in a Dream Guy! Haha~

1. Must be able to click (Yes)
2. Can communicate reasonably well (Yes) --> paiseh, I don't know how to strike off in purple.
3. Faithful, doesn't flirt and doesn't have the intention to cheat or flirt. --> very important! (Still very important)
4. Can accept my flaws (Hopefully all of them) and love me for who I am (And doesn't expect/demand me to change for him)
5. Not controlling/possessive/overjealous/overprotective
6. Have a good temper (Yes, cannot throw his temper at me)
7. Non abusive (Both physically and emotionally. I consider scolding me vulgarities as an emotional abuse.)
8. Supportive and responsible (Yes)
9. Respectful (must respect me and NOT lie to me)
10.Treats people around him well =) (including me)
11. Romantic (Haha, I don't know any such guy =/) (Preferably)
12. Smart, can solve my problems and give constructive suggestions (Preferably)
13. Dress and behave appropriately (can stand up for me when it is needed.)
14. Not stingy and calculative (Yes)
15. Not so pessimistic with life and keeps complaining (Please don't whine too often)
16. Taller than me, kan de shun yan~ (Yes)
17. Can drive and got a car (haha!) (Preferably)
18. Good career, willing to work hard (Yes)
19. Filial (Yes)
20. Genuinely cares about (and able to support) the family (Yes)
21. Must have the courage to own up and admit his mistakes.
22. Sincerely treasures and cherishes me.
23. Won't want/force me to do anything I don't want/like or things I will/might regret later.

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