Friday, August 28, 2009

Reading some forums makes me mad!! Why? I believe that if a guy truly loves a girl, he wouldn't try to force/coerce/persuade/pressurise or whatever his gf to have sex with him. Hm.. Don't know leh but this makes me mad coz love =/= sex and sex =/= love. Why do people (esp guys) fail to see that? Or they actually know about this theory but they just make use of this to trick the girls to satisfy themselves? And why are girls so stupid/blinded to get tricked by them? What they said are just crap. This is lust, not love. They are just lusting after you, not in love with you. If they really love you, they would treasure you and not demand for physical intimacy. Ah yoh~ I can't help feeling mad leh. Shall stop reading those forums for awhile =/

PS: I feel that my cousin is getting prettier. Haha =)

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