Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yesterday, went for 2 interviews and okie lah. Nothing much to comment about them. Don't really wanna comment also. Since there is a 7 hour interval between the 2 interviews, I went with Jeff to watch Night at the Museum 2. Fell asleep in the cinema as I was too tired. Then went off for the second interview. Subsequently, I accompanied Jeff to his interview. Waited for him for 1 hour, then I left first as I was late in meeting Wen Min, Clarence and Xiaoyin. Gave Xiaoyin a treat at Changing Appetites. After that, we went to watch Angels and Demons. Wen Min and I fell asleep while watching that show =.= Someone sitting behind me kicked me and woke me up =/ Anyway, I feel that the show is rather similar to The Da Vinci Code. Not sure though coz I've missed some parts of the show while sleeping.

Took a cab home after that. $20.50. Faint. So expensive lah! And I was already so tired that I can fall asleep immediately even after I've just bathed. But that Jeffery got to disturb me and make me cannot sleep. Next time, I should just turn off my phone when I sleep so I would not receive any phone calls or smses.

PS: Argh! Got a headache now =(

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