Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mediacorp Artistes, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong finally ROM-ed at Shangri-La Hotel on 16 May 2009 after a 7 year courtship. Congrats to the new couple =)

Why did he wear such an ugly pair of glasses to his ROM? Hm..

He certainly looks better without that pair of glasses.

For more info, please refer to:

Paiseh, have been lazy to upload my photos so I procrastinated in blogging. Hee~ Anyway, on 17/5/09, had lunch with family at SICC for belated Mother's Day lunch treat for my grandma coz my cousins have been busy with exams last week. Later, went to have crabs with Jia Min dear, Onyee and Aden for dinner. We went to eat at House of Seafood located at 180 Yio Chu Kang Road, near to Serangoon Gardens. Usually I prefer black pepper crabs to chilli crabs but the black pepper crabs there are sweet. OMG!! I don't like sweet black pepper crabs. They don't taste as nice as the spicy ones. The chilli crabs there are better. Anyway, here's the website for that place:

After that, we went to PS to walk for awhile then head home. Oh yeah, I wanna complain.. I've waited 1 hour plus for Jia Min at Bishan!! Boo!!! She's the Miss Late Queen. Haiz~ And there's no Starbucks at Junction 8. Quite surprising. Thought Starbucks is like practically everywhere.

Oh yeah, xx (dunno if you want me to say your name out or not?), if you got anything, you can tell me or complain to me okie? At most I try to "hong" you lor. Haha~ As you have asked me, of course lah.. All gals want their bfs to dote on them and "hong" them mah. Just whether most guys have the patience to do that or not. Even so, I don't think there is any guy who can do that all the time. Haiz~ One day they will also be sianz one lor. Who can do it 100% of the time?

Happy 6 Months Anniversary to the Skype Convo people =)

Happy 6 Months Anniversary to the Skype convo peeps. Can't believe that 6 months have passed by us just like that. We have been talking practically every night for the last 6 months! OMG!! Haha~ Cannot believe that. Hee~ But it's true.. Hope that we can maintain the friendship. We went to Fish n Co at the Glass House for dinner to sort of celebrate. Surprisingly, Minhui was early. Haha~ And the "LOVE" thingy (dunno what is it called) is gone =(

PS: I shall upload photos later. Now really lazy lah. Paiseh~
PPS: I really love it when you "hong wo shui jiao" and sing to me. Haha~ Thank you!
PPPS: Sorry Jeff, I've changed back to the original banner. The colour and everything look more pei with the blogskin. But I still love the banner you made =)

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