Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh my~ I've got many things to blog about. Need to get back to being an avid blogger. Haha~ Feel so lazy nowadays after the exams. But hey, at least I've uploaded all the photos. Hee~ Then my blog will be less wordy.

Anyway, on the 6/5, I went with Eileen, Minhui, Songhoe and Jeffery to club at Zirca. Haha~ Haven't gone clubbing in like ages!

There we are, at the entrance of Zirca.

Eileen and I are trying to pose? Haha~

My 5 free drinks stubs for ladies night.

The bar table inside Zirca.

The interior~

The interior~

On the way, we passed by this pub called Clinic. Looks cool, using wheelchairs as seats. Very suitable for "lame" people.

Our dinner - Jap ramen. Doesn't really taste good and bo hua. No idea why there is a long queue outside the restaurant.

My birthday present for Jeff =)

He has opened it.

My "End of Exams" dinner. Haha~ I'm still looking forward to going to Seoul Garden one day though.

Yimei's and my ice-cream at Swensons on 5/5. Can you guess whose is who's? Hee =P

On the 7/5, went with Jeffery to take a look at the Jurong Point extension. It was okie. Nothing much. And.. I've got rashes on my neck and back. I think I'm allergic to certain alcohol. Wah biangz~ =.=

Going to design Jeff's birthday cake here. Hm.. Anyone has a nice Mr Piggy drawing? Hee~ Shall Google it.

On the 8/5, went to Pitstop with Eileen, Minhui, Jeff, Alan, Zhanyi, Cally and Minhui's friend whom I don't really know.

Tell you all something funny: Someone stole Jeff's shoes outside my house. As we took a cab back to his house to put on another pair of shoes (before going to Pitstop), I cannot help laughing. Sorry lah dear, I know it's 幸灾乐祸 but I cannot help laughing. It's really funny what. Okie, meanie me.. Next time you put inside okie? Last time already told you to put inside.

There we are, at Pitstop =) I've won Stone Age. Haha!

After Pitstop, we went home. Eeyer~ Minhui and Alan are so bad lor, ran for the bus and abandoned me. Boo hoo~ I was left alone with Jeff.

NR3 took so long to come so we went to see people doing bungee jumping and extreme swing. Wah.. I don't dare to ride on either one. They look so scary. Too thrilling for me. Hee~

People trying the extreme swing. OMG!! It looks damn scary from near. As if they were going to crash into the tree.

Okie, have updated my blog like finally. Now, I'm trying to look for a job. Haven't really seen a suitable one yet. Hm.. Oh well, need to continue looking. Good luck to me and Jeff. He also needs a new job. Haha~ =) Oh yeah, when I passed by the clinics these 2 days, I observed that there are long queues outside a couple of clinics. Wah.. So many people are falling ill? Seems like everyone needs to take care of their health =) And also, although I'm tactless, I've refrained from blogging about certain things coz it might upset some (or a few?) people. Sometimes, I wish that I've told less people about my blog =.=

When I read the post about Tinky singing to Ting Ting, I imagined the image and was laughing. So yesterday when I cannot sleep, Jeff sang me 天使。Sorry leh, I cannot help laughing. It's not becoz your singing sucks, in fact, it's good. It's just that I just simply feel like laughing. Don't know what's so funny also! But it's sweet leh, I like people singing to me! Haha~ Go and learn more songs xD

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