Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is what I've received in my NUS email:

Hi, Everyone,

After careful comparison, I am very pleased to announce the winner of the group project is "Info-Intelligence Asia" led by Peggy Teo, with Avril Tan, Calvin Xie, Lydia Tay, Tan Si Pei and Yap Bing Zhi as members. Team of Gooi Xiu Ping et al and Team of Chua Ru Ting are mentioned on the honorary list.

The winning team leader can come to collect the prize next Friday.

Congratulations!!! and thank you all for your hard work.


Oh well~ We didn't win anything.

Mediacorp Artistes, Shaun Chen and Michelle Chia finally got married at Ritz-Calton on 11 May 2009 after a 5 year courtship. Haha~ Congrats to the new couple =) And they have a dessert buffet! So cool lah. I want a dessert buffet. I wanna go eat. Wahaha~ xD

The groom needs to "sacrifice" to get a good wife =)

Buddies should "suffer" together. LOLx~ =P

Nice wedding cake =)

Shaun is so touched.

Last wedding gown. Hm.. Is that considered a gown?

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