Saturday, October 24, 2015

Team Building at Universal Studios Singapore

Had company team building at Universal Studios Singapore. Had an enjoyable day. It was very hot though.

Took a nice team photo but I decided not to post all my colleagues/bosses photos here. It is really a nice place to take photos.

We went on a weekday so it was not very crowded and we got the express pass! Didn't need to queue for very long.

I am not very good with words so.. just see the photos! After all, a picture tells a thousand words. I have been reading other people's blog and dayre. Don't know how come some people got so many things to write.

Very suitable for kids!

One of my favourite rides.

I don't dare to take The Mummy ride :(

I like this photo!

Is Jerica pretty? I think that she is :) Got random guy ask her if she can take a photo with a group of them. Take photo WITH them, not FOR them.

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Robin said...

Having more sleep is good
Won't get tired so easily